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a bit about me:

Fynta Sidime is a Guinean-American multidisciplinary artist, monologist, dancer, playwright, singer, and Devised theater-maker. She recently completed her two-year MFA program at Columbia College Chicago and Arthuas LISPA Berlin. In 2019, Fynta obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Art from Hampshire College, focusing on Theater and Dance.  Fynta has studied dance in Cuba and West Africa. 

As a multidisciplinary artist, Fynta’s works are deeply rooted in multicultural mediums and transpersonal narratives. Her works reflect on social and cultural issues, identity, and rituals. Having spent part of their adolescence between Kankan and Conakry, Guinea weaving different languages in her craft is essential to her. 


Some of Fynta’s work includes Je Suis La 2017, an original piece about three artists’ journey from different cultures and nationalities; Instrument du corp 2017, a dance piece about a celebration of women; Tending Little Me 2019, an original work about intergenerational trauma and resilience. Tragic space 2021, an adaption of the greek mythology Madea; and Cire 2022, an original piece about a Guinean heroine who dreams about traveling to the moon. 

Fynta is currently working on a new full-length physical theater piece exploring liminal space, dreams, and consciousness, and she will be premiering it as part of her company next summer. 


Fynta has performed as a guest artist on Sokio Rio’s piece, From the refugee camp, and has appeared in three of Marilyn Sylla’s choreography as part of the five college concert in Massachusetts. She is a former First Generation ensemble member and now serves as a Board Member and is often invited to perform with the current ensemble. 

Fynta's goal is to open an international theater company in her homeland of Guinea, West Africa, that serves her artistic community everywhere.

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