a bit about me:

Fynta is a Guinean-American performer, writer, dancer, storyteller, and creator. Born in New York, the Bronx, raised in Guinea, West Africa. Fynta obtained her Bachelor's degree of Arts in 2015, studying Theater and Dance from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. She is currently pursuing her MFA from Columbia College Chigaco, focusing on devised physical theater. 

Performing and creating performance is Fynta's way of expressing and telling necessary narratives. Fynta's role in the performing arts world is her desire to heal, make a difference, and inspire people. 

She has studied traditional arts from Cuba, South Africa, Guinea, and this year Fynta is training in Germany Berlin in physical theatre with Lispa Arthuas.

 Fynta travels to these places and learns because she wants to create works that speak to people from different walks of life. 

Her work is rooted in culture, language, ritual, social justice, and representation. "Arts is my vehicle to being radical!"