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Project | 01
Project | Fynta Studio

Fynta Studio is a laboratory for playwrights, actors, poets, and storytellers. It is a design space for artists of color to share and workshop their work. Fynta Studio is a place designed for us to improve ourselves as writers, actors, and performers. In the midst of our current reality, it is very important to continue creating, but as emerging artists, it is difficult to find places to present our work or get hired. 


The vision of Fynta Studio is to inspire creatives to create through challenging times. As a laboratory, my aim is to curate a virtual space that will allow artists to share their work and grow from the experience.

Project | 02
Project | Tending Little Me

Tending  Little Me is an original piece of physical theater about family, generational trauma, diaspora, and resilience. The piece explores the life of Tata, a little girl growing up without her mother. Tata tells stories from her life as she tries to understand the historical patterns of three generations of women growing up without their mothers. Tending  Little Me aims to explore the theme of time, throughout the journey of Tata’s childhood.

Project | 03
Project | Je Suis La

Je Suis La is an original piece mounted from a series of interviews about what it means to be a woman and an artist. This piece follows stories of different women from different cultural backgrounds.

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